Kamermans Architects Ltd



Kamermans Architects have done the Preliminary Design for a Visitors Centre/Caretakers accommodation for the proposed Cook Islands National Botanic Garden in Rarotonga.

The building is designed to be highly sustainable. Essentially one large "twisted" roof that acts as a solar energy, and potable water, collector with a lightweight timber structure below. The large roof provides shade, while the open nature of the structure allows for good cross ventilation. Both shade and natural ventilation are essential in the tropical climate, to create a comfortable indoor/outdoor environment. The "twisted" roof shape gives higher ceilings to the larger public spaces at the one end of the building and lower ceilings to the smaller private spaces at the other end, while allowing all the rainwater (of which here is plenty) to drain to one single corner of the roof and into storage tanks. Locally available materials and building skills will be used as much as possible. Waste water is largely treated on site. All together the result is a very simple, elegant and functional building.